Course Content

Unit 01 Introduction of Makeup
Unit 02 Facial Cleansing Techniques
Unit 03 Application of Foundation, Powder and Concealer
Unit 04 Application of Corrective Makeup
(Contouring & Highlighting)
Unit 05 Defining The Shape of Eyebrow
Unit 06 Application of Eyeliner, Mascara and False Eyelash
Unit 07 Double Eyelid Illusion
Unit 08 Blushers Techniques
Unit 09 Application of Lip Liner and Lipstick
Unit 10 Day and Evening Makeup
Unit 11 Full Bridal Makeup
Unit 12 Fashion Makeup
Unit 13 Period Makeup (40’s to 80’s)
Unit 14 Dramatic Makeup (Smokey Eye Effect)
Unit 15 Creative Makeup

Administration and Language Requirement
At least a Grade D or Grade 5 in GCE N Level English or Certificate in relevant discipline

Course Intake
Every 1st Monday of the month of January, March, June, September and December

Training Hour
150 hours

Full time: 1.5 month

Mode of Study
Full Time:        Mon to Sat 10.30am – 5.30pm

Mode of Delivery
Face to Face

Average Teacher-Student Ratio

Manner of Assessment

ITEC Unit NumberMandatory UnitProposed Assessment Method Grading
Unit 01Introduction of MakeupPractical examinationPass or refer
Unit 02Facial Cleansing TechniquesTheory examinationPass 60% – 74%
Merit 75% – 89%
Distinction 90% – 100%
Unit 03Application of Foundation, Powder & Concealer
Unit 04Application of Corrective Makeup
Unit 05Defining The Shape of Eyebrow
Unit 06Application of Eyeliner, Mascara & False Eyelash
Unit 07Double Eyelid
Unit 08Blushers Techniques
Unit 09Application of Lip Liner & Lipstick
Unit 10Day & Evening Makeup
Unit 11Full Bridal Makeup
Unit 12Fashion Makeup
Unit 13Period Makeup (40’s to 80’s)
Unit 14Dramatic Makeup (Smokey Eye Effect)
Unit 15Creative Makeup

Graduation Requirements
Minimum 60% marks for all the Practical and Theory Examinations

Once candidates have achieved the Diploma in Professional Makeup, they may progress on to higher level of courses. This award qualifies graduate to operate their own freelance practice. Graduate can also gain employment in being assistant in Makeup industry.

Course Fee / Payment of Fees / Fees Structure


Course Fee: $2800
Registration Fee: $50
Course Note: $50
Examination Fee: $100

  • The payment of Course Fees are to be made latest on the first day of course.
  • Exam Fees payment is to be made latest on the first day of course

Payment of Fees

All required payments of fees must be made according to the payment schedules as stipulated in the student contract.

  • Payments of fees can be made by Cash, Nets, Cheque or Credit Card.
  • Payments made by Cash will be in Singapore Dollars.
  • All cheques should be crossed and made payable to ‘TONI INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF AESTHETICS & PHYSIOLOGY PTE LTD’.
  • All fees paid are not transferable.
  • All non-tuition fees paid are non-refundable.
  • An official receipt will be given on receipt of payment.
  • A late payment charge of S$12 per month will be charged for overdue payment of more than 2 weeks.
  • The school reserves the right as its discretion to terminate the student from the course for overdue fees

Fees Structure

Tuition Fees

  • Payment can be made by Installment with 0% interest charge

Non-Tuition Fees

  • Registration Fee
  • Tools & Materials (Optional)
  • Exam Fees
  • Course Notes

Single Strand Eyelash Extension

Course Content

  1.  Anatomy of Lash Structure
  2. Differentiate between different type of lashes, curl and thickness
  3. Choosing the right design for different eye shapes
  4. Lash Mapping Technique
  5. Knowledge of eyelash extension adhesive glue
  6. Contraindication for eyelash extension
  7. Common Q&A questions frequently asked by client
  8. Procedure of applying Single Strand Eyelash Extension
  9. Procedure of removal eyelash extension

Administration and Language Requirement
Never attend school

Course Intake

Training Hours
12 hours

Mode of Study
10.30am – 5.30pm

Mode of Delivery
Face to face

Full Time: 2 days

Average Teacher-Student Ratio

Course fee

Graduation Requirements
Must be able to perform 100% competences criteria

Once candidates have achieved the Single Strand Eyelash Extension, they may progress on to higher level of equivalent courses. This award qualifies graduate to operate their own freelance eyelash extension practice. Graduate can also gain employment in lash industry