Course Content

  • Module 1 Shampoo and Head Massage
    • a. Prepare for shampoo and head massage service
    • b. Shampoo hair and scalp massage
    • c. Perform hair rinsing and conditioning
    • d. Massage neck and shoulder
    • e. Perform basic hair blow-dry
  • Module 2 Basic Hairstyling
    • a. Prepare for hair styling services
    • b. Perform hairstyling for short/medium hair length
      • With comb/brush and hand-held dryer
      • With rollers
    • c. Perform thermal styling
      • Flat iron
      • Curling tongs
      • Zigzag Crimping iron
    • d. Perform long hair styling
      • Straight hair
      • Long Curls
      • Basic English braids
  • Module 3 Basic Haircutting
    • a. Perform a blunt haircut on shoulder, below and above shoulder hair length
      • One length
      • Convex
      • Concave
    • b. Perform a uniform layered haircut
      • Short/medium length
      • Long
  • Module 4 Basic Hair Colouring
    • a. Prepare for hair colouring service
    • b. Perform virgin hair colouring
      • Darkening
      • Lightening
    • c. Perform grey hair colouring
    • d. Perform root and re-growth application
  • Module 5 Advanced Hair Colouring
    • a. Perform highlighting and lowlighting of hair using
      • Colouring
      • High-lifting products
    • b. Perform bleach and tone
    • c. Perform basic colour correction
  • Module 6 Hair Perming
    • a. Perform cold wave hair perming
      • 9 section
      • Brick
      • Drop wind
    • b. Perform ceramic/digital perm
    • c. Rectify perming faults
      • Over-processed hair
      • Under-processed hair
    • d. Perform hair straightening

Admission and Language Requirement
At least a Grade D or Grade 5 in GCE N Level English or Certificate in relevant discipline

Course Intake
Every 1st Monday of the month of January and July

Mode of Delivery
Face to Face

Training Hours
720 hours

Full Time: 6 months

Mode of Study
Full Time: Mon to Sat 10.30am – 5.30pm

Average Teacher-Student Ratio

Graduation Requirements
Grade Score Grade Points
Distinction 4
A : Excellent 80% and above 4
B : Very Good 70% to 79% 3
C : Good 60% to 69% 2
D : Pass 50% to 59% 1
F : Fail 49% and below 0

Manner of Assessment

  • For each module, the score obtained from end-of-module assessment contributes to the final score. All life skills indicated in the Skills Standard must be included in any one or more of these assessments.
  • For written assessments, the overall distribution of questions, as a guide must be in the following proportions:
  • Taxonomic Level Weighting
    Level 1 – Recall Max 40%
    Level 2 – Comprehension Min 30%
    Level 3 – Application & higher Min 20%
  • For the overall practical assessments, they must cover at least 75% of the competencies in each module.
  • The pass mark of a module is 50%. Candidates are also required to pass all critical skills/criteria in the Skills Standard.
  • The components of assessment and the maximum marker-to-candidates ratio for practical marking

Course Fee / Payment of Fees / Fees Structure

Course Fees

TypeCatergory of Individuals  
Singapore Citizen Age >=40 years old & earning <= $2000/per monthSingapore Citizen Age >=25 years old & earning >=$2000Singapore Citizen Age <=40 years old & PRs
Course Fee per Module$1600$1600$1600
SkillsFuture Funding$1520$1440$1280
Total Fee$80$160$320
  • Self-sponsored individuals taking certifiable courses (National or industry-wide certification training programmes) approved by SSG must be >= 21 years old
  • The payment of Course Fees are to be made latest on the first day of course.
  • Exam Fees payment is to be made latest on the first day of course

Payment of Fees

All required payments of fees must be made according to the payment schedules as stipulated in the student contract.

  • Payments of fees can be made by Cash, Nets, Cheque or Credit Card.
  • Payments made by Cash will be in Singapore Dollars.
  • All cheques should be crossed and made payable to ‘TONI INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF AESTHETICS & PHYSIOLOGY PTE LTD’.
  • All fees paid are not transferable.
  • All non-tuition fees paid are non-refundable.
  • An official receipt will be given on receipt of payment.
  • A late payment charge of S$12 per month will be charged for overdue payment of more than 2 weeks.
  • The school reserves the right as its discretion to terminate the student from the course for overdue fees

Fees Structure

Tuition Fees

  • Payment can be made by Installment with 0% interest charge

Non-Tuition Fees

  • Registration Fee
  • Tools & Materials (Optional)
  • Exam Fees
  • Course Notes